Some Misunderstandings of Pool Cue Purchase

Clubs are the "weapons" of billiard lovers. Every billiards player wants to have a club that suits them. But how to choose the right club? What are the methods for choosing a club? Many people may have made some mistakes when choosing clubs. Xiao Bian probably summed it up, hoping to help members choose the pool cues.

Myth 1: Choosing the club must look at the grain because the grain can affect the performance of the club.

This problem is a common misunderstanding. Many friends use woodgrain as the first criterion for picking the club. Other friends say that if a club has a bad grain, the club will deform along the grain in the future. I think this is not correct. The texture of the club is actually determined by the angle of the cutting of the whole material. The larger the cutting angle is, the straighter the arrow is. We know that the selection of a club may come from the trunk, bark, or root of a tree. The crown part is even a branch part. Why are branded clubs more expensive than clubs of the same material? Because branded clubs are rather picky in their choice of materials, they usually use only the part of the middle of the trunk near the bark, commonly known as the “two hides.” The maximum balance of wood in this part meets the requirements for club hardness and elasticity, and it is not easily deformed. . The miscellaneous brand clubs are not as picky on material selection. If unfortunately you choose a club made of wood from the branch, no matter how good the texture of your club, it is difficult to avoid deformation. Now many of my friends know that the texture of some foreign brands is not good, in fact, because they save more valuable materials, reducing the angle of the cut caused by wood, conditional friends can also try, bad lines The pole feels very penetrating and full of force when playing the ball, which proves that the lines cannot determine the performance of the club.

Myth 2: Maple clubs are better than white clubs.

This problem is often encountered. Many of my friends think that Maple clubs are more flexible and their performance exceeds that of the white wax clubs. In fact, this is not entirely the case. In the era of ancient cold weaponry in China, ash has been used as the main raw material for making gun barrels. The reason is that ash has good elasticity, stability, and is not easily deformed. I do not deny that the elasticity of Maple clubs is indeed better than ash in some respects. However, this does not mean that any maple club performance is better than that of ash clubs. Maple is affected by the weather. Large, no ash rods have strong adaptability. Under different temperature and humidity environments, there are some slight fluctuations in performance, and the difficulty of control increases accordingly. Here, I'm not trying to make a difference between the two types of clubs, but the key point to make is that the maple sticks are better than the wax ones and it is definitely a misunderstanding. In the simplest example, among the masters, Jimmy White, who is recognized as the strongest spinner, uses ashwood clubs.

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