Mark Allen won his fifth championship

    The semi-finals of the Scottish open was played on a 6-of-11 basis, while the final was 9-of-17.     On 17th December, 2018, Northern Ireland's famous snooker player mark Allen beat Murphy by 9-7.

Mark Allen,omin,murphy and allen

   In the first half, Allen scored 110 breaks, which left a threaten to Murphy. But Murphy was not deterred by his opponent, and he got 50+ breaks at the second race and made the game 1:1. In the next two, both players came to 2:2.

Mark Allen,omin,murphy and allen

    Allen and Murphy competed with each other very hard. When it came to the key 15th race, Allen seized the chance to make 100+ breaks. At the final race, Murphy lost at 29 scores, Allen continued getting points to the end.

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